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Spiritual Excellence:

*Has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
*Has a personal devotional time – doing the Word of God with application of the following:
*Knows how to study God’s Word
*Knows how to pray effectively
*Putting God in remembrance of His Word
*Revelation of the authority and dominion we are given while in the earth
*Understanding and appropriate application of all types of prayer
*Prays effectively with understanding
*Revelation of the blood, the Word, the name of Jesus, the armor
*Revelation of praise, silencing the enemy and his attacks
*Knows their Father intimately, not just facts about Him
*Knows how to worship in Spirit and in truth
*Knows and understands faith and its relationship to “works”
*Knows how to yield to and be led by the Holy Spirit
*Knows how to meditate the Word of God and be transformed by renewing the mind
*Allows the Holy Spirit to develop the Fruit of the Spirit in character and personal life
*Has a personal understanding of how to share Jesus Christ with others and lead them in a prayer for salvation
*Possesses a missions heart to reach out and go into all the world preaching the Gospel
*Demonstrates a servant’s heart through involvement in outreaches to the church and community
*Has a giving heart – “live to give” meeting the needs of others with revelation and understanding of the seed principle
*Has a teachable heart through receiving instruction and correction with a good attitude
*Develops and maintains a Biblical world view and value system
*Understands the role of American citizenship with love for God and country
*Is a responsible citizen taking an active role in prayer for the government and our nation
*Develops godly character traits
*Understands their purpose and call in life with a willingness to go forth and make a difference for Jesus
*Walks with the Lord all the days of their life reflective in godly living and lifestyle choices

Academic Excellence:

*Is a well-educated, self-directed learner
*Is prepared, equipped, and trained for higher academic pursuits
*Has developed a lifetime love for learning and personal growth
*Has learned to set achievable goals and objectives

Social Excellence:

*Is a positive role model and influential leader
*Has healthy, godly, appropriate relationships with others of all races
*Understands the role of a godly young woman and a godly young man
*Understands the scriptural mandate of inclusion verses exclusion based upon outward appearances as stated in James 2
*Demonstrates the ability to love others
*Demonstrates responsibility in choices and decisions
*Demonstrates an appropriate response and submission to those in positions of authority
*Possesses good manners, kindness, and politeness evident in relationships with others of all ages

Physical Excellence:

*Understands the physical body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and the importance of making wise decisions to care for it properly
*Is trained to make healthy decisions concerning nutrition and exercise
*Is introduced to and trained in physical activities for a lifetime of physical exercise